Buy a Bale of Hay

Buy a Bale of Hay

There are so many ways for people to be involved in helping us care for the donkeys at the sanctuary, visiting us on open days, volunteering, fundraising etc. One very tangible simple way is by buying them bales of hay. The donkeys are trickle feeders and are hardwired to look for food all day long, they have a particularly strong stomach acid along with it being being only half lined, this means they need to have a constant throughput of forage material to prevent ulcers and of course keep them healthy. They need high fibre foods and happily chew on tree bark, prickly plants and bushes but to supplement that we feed them straw and hay.

You can buy the donkeys bales of hay using the button below which are then sent to the donkeys direct which is a bit easier (and cleaner) than squeezing them in your car!

Unfortunately Stoke Fruit Farm are no longer able to supply Hay and Straw bales but are still happy to support the donkeys by having a QR code you can use whilst shopping there.

Charles watching the delivery in safely.

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