Jay Jay




Jay Jay was born in 2009, he is a perfect example of a traditional donkey with a steel grey coat, dorsal stripe with cross and zebra stripes on his legs. He came into the country from Ireland and was a real handful and still has his moments when he sees the vet. He used to give rides to children but has retired. Now he is settled into the family and enjoys a hug and a bum scratch along with regular feet trims, dental checks, equine flue jabs, is part of a worming program.

As part of your adoption package, in addition to your certificate and photograph, you will have the opportunity to come along and meet him at his home on Hayling Island at one of our open days.

If you would like to adopt this donkey as a gift for someone else, kindly enter their name along with the date you want it to start in the “Additional Notes” section of the checkout page.


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