Millie Adoption 1 Yr




Millie is a very shy white and brown skewbald donkey and has had numerous homes during her life making her very unsettled. This has made handling her very difficult as she doesn’t want to be caught or wear a head collar, she is even worried about being touched.

She was born around 2010 and came to the sanctuary in January 2021 with the hope that with patience and lots of one on one work with her will make her feel more settled and start to trust people and enjoy the other donkeys company.

As part of your adoption package, in addition to your certificate and photograph, you will have the opportunity to come along and meet her at her home on Hayling Island at one of our open days.

If you would like to adopt this donkey as a gift for someone else, kindly enter their name along with the date you want it to start in the “Additional Notes” section of the checkout page.


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